About Us

Big F Design is a family run business. It typically consists of brothers Ben Owens and David Owens - though the team expands when demand increases.

Ben has been in the IT industry since graduating with a Maths degree in 1993. He has a vast knowledge of html, css, php, asp.net and sql server. He is currently working on - among other projects - a large scale document and task management system written in asp.net 2.0 with sql server databases. Ben is passionate about the 'look and feel' of websites - he wants users to enjoy the experience of visiting websites

David graduated with a degree in Creative Music and Sound Technology in 2005. He has extensive experience in html, css, flash, e-commerce, video & sound editing. David is an expert in content management and the running and administration of large scale web sites.

Please contact us about your requirements and to obtain a no-obligation quote.